Find your keychain effortlessly

I’m literally the most clumsy people I know. My parents often tease me, as I tend to forget everything I own. Or, at the very least, I can’t remember where I placed my belongings. I have lived by myself for four years now and, more than once, I’ve managed to lock myself out of the apartment, just so you understand when I say I’M CLUMSY.

As the good woman I am, I love to spend time at the mall. I love to shop and I love to go to the cinema, those are my two passions. So, one day, after I’ve watched some chick-flick movie on the late night session, I headed to the parking lot. You know the drill: it’s kinda empty, there aren’t many cars left at that witching hour, so I thought it’d be easy to find my pink Smart. I was wrong, completely deviously wrong. Long story short, after spending one hour up and down the 4 floors of the parking lot, there was no seeing of my girly girl car. My friends had already left, so I could only rely on my trickly mind. I can say I was desperate, I had an early meeting on the following day and I can’t function if I sleep less than 7 hours.

My BFF had gifted me a LAPA on my birthday (she knows me too well) and I had attached it to my keychain. If only I had remembered sooner… Instead of spending one hour, I could have been in bed by then. Of course, after I scaned and beeped, there was my car, I found it within seconds. Bottom line? Lapa saved my night and, I’m sure, it’ll save my life. Thank you so much, guys!