Prevent your Dog, your Cat or your Tiger from getting lost

Three years ago, I made a decision to leave the city, along with my wife and kids. The noises, the fast paced rhythm and my scarce quality of life were the A motives for leaving my 4 bedroom apartment and my noisy neighbours behind. My family and I started our new life on the outskirts of London, at the middle of nowhere. Of course, I still work in the city, but it feels amazing to skip the chaos and embrace the silence and the nature, once I come home.

Brad, my youngest of 3, loved the change of scenery and the seized the opportunity to get a new pet, a small Labrador named Emma Goldman. Although we have this huge private backyard, Emma loves to run free into the street. This situation is quite scary, especially because – even if there’s not too much traffic – we are surrounded by woods and by few lights. Last week, Joshua, my oldest son, went out for a jog and left the main gate open. When he came back, he noticed Emma was gone. It was past 11 at night. Panicked, Josh went in and called out everyone, so we’d help to search for the dog. He wasn’t aware that 3 weeks earlier I had purchased a Lapa, following the advice of my cousin. I’m so glad I did! Instead of spending hours and hours looking for Emma on the cold, out I just grabbed my phone and ten minutes later, it was home, safe and sound. I know I can’t protect my pet from everything, but at least I’m sure I won’t waste time wondering through the woods. Lapa works brilliantly, I couldn’t be more satisfied!